Jennifer M. Stephens PhD (ABD), Maj (R), EJD, DML
Vision For Tomorrow, LLC
Speaker, Author, Coach

Training Offered

Jennifer offers:

Consulting Projects:
Team interventions, recognition and reward initiatives,
upsell/cross-sell programs, sales team development, presentation skills, etc.

Presentations and Keynote Speeches: Jennifer speaks professionally throughout the
United States. She presents for organizational meetings, leadership retreats, employee
and management development programs, and reward/recognition events.

Coaching: Jennifer coaches front-line leaders on communication, leadership, and
professional development skills in child abuse prevention awareness. She structures her
work around the needs of the individual and the goals they wish to achieve. Coaching
is done either in person or over the phone, depending on geographical location and
client preference.

Freelance Writing: Jennifer is a freelance writer with articles published in magazines,
newsletters, and online periodicals. She also writes internal employee communications,
speeches and professional presentations

Triumph over Circumstance Seminar:

This seminar will focus directly on the book Escape from The Dungeon and
how one person can make a difference through vigilant and proactive actions.  
Jennifer will go into depth on life the facts surrounding the stories within the
book and how each one of them can make a person stronger and have
provided a catalyst for succeeding in life over the last 35 years.  

Jennifer will provide a motivating method for inspiring every single person to
succeed in their endeavors regardless of the circumstances that they have
been dealt.  This session will show how to take any situation and make
something positive come out of it.  Every single person on earth is faced with
a difficult circumstance or a trauma in your life.  The thing that will determine
what type of person you are is not the action, but rather your reaction to your
personal tragedy.  You can either use your issues for a crutch for failure or
you can use it to catapult you into absolute resilience and you WILL triumph
over circumstance.  Condition your mind, the body will follow!!
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