Jennifer M. Stephens PhD (ABD), Maj (R), EJD, DML
Vision For Tomorrow, LLC
Speaker, Author, Coach
Create an environment of success... Through words, actions and motivation.

You've come to the right place if you "get" that higher profits are a direct result of
constructive customer and employee relations, that business is always personal, and all the
marketing in the world will not matter if your organization is not motivated!

Jennifer M. Stephens is the author of
Success Simplified" with Dr. Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
and "
Escape from the Dungeon: Jennifer's Survival Story from the Wrath of Anger,
Intimidation and Abus

and the

"Roadmap to Success" with Ken Blanchard (The One Minute Manager) available right NOW!!

Jennifer was the 2002 Officer of the Year, Transportation Corps and 20 year Veteran of the
United States Army, specializing in developing managers, employee morale, and
motivation. Down-to-earth, common-sense strategies with warmth and sincerity!

Get your employees to do what you need and make them think it was their idea!!
Success and Leadership are Simple with following these great tips!
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Success Simplified

How to succeed in any
situation. Giving a
roadmap to personal
success in the
simplest form.
Roadmap to Success

How do busy people and
Ken Blanchard offer ways
that have been proven to
increase your effectiveness!!
Escape from the Dungeon

The story that made the
person, a story of triumph
over circumstance and
overcoming every obstacle
that is in your way!!
Making a difference
today with a Vision
for Tomorrow....
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Autograph Request
Autograph Request
Coming 2012!

Dr Robert Fuller and
Jennifer talk about
Courageous Stories of
Mastering the Art of
Coming 2012!

Jack Canfield and
Jennifer talk about
taking your competitive
edge to create success!